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Throwshub.co.uk was originally created to provide information, updates, videos, pictures and more, absolutely everything about athletic throwing events.

That was in 2015.

2019 and throwshub has made an impression we have over 6.4 thousand subscribers dedicated to enjoying our media content.

we are currently building and improving social media platforms.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any business inquiries. 

Luke Angell

Founder of Throwshub.co.uk

"I Founded throwshub back in 2015 with one aim, to put throwers 1st. and that has been my goal ever since."


We want to provide the best motivational, educational throwing video we can, as long as bringing you all the latest deals, news, videos, podcasts, all the latest throwing content.


We would like to be working with larger companies, in order to provide all types of athletes, young to old, starters to professional. 



Newbury, England

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